Growing Wealthier
Smart Growth, Climate Change and Prosperity

Center for Clean Air Policy 2011
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With the pace of economic recovery uncertain and the real estate market still uneven, developers, policy makers and transportation professionals seek information to guide their investments. At the same time, market analysis reveals pent-up demand for walkable communities driven by demographic changes poised to transform the real estate industry. In our new report, Growing Wealthier: Smart Growth, Climate Change and Prosperity, the Center for Clean Air Policy (CCAP) considers ten commonsense principles that can help guide new development in ways that respond to emerging market demand and bolster the economy. We find that an inclusive planning process following smart growth principles that yields more walkable neighborhoods with broader options for housing and transportation can help communities, businesses and individuals make money, save money and improve quality of life (see table below).

In Growing Wealthier we provide examples and studies from around the country, as well as an annotated bibliography of evidence on smart growth, climate change, the economy, and sustainability. We challenge popular notions about driving and prosperity, considering standard economic indicators as well as livability concerns such as public health and well being, community vibrancy and resource sustainability. We show that reducing daily driving by just two and half miles per person, in concert with vehicle and fuel improvements, can put the transportation sector on path to meeting climate goals.

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