Growing Wealthier
Smart Growth, Climate Change and Prosperity

Center for Clean Air Policy 2011
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"CCAP is a strong, credible, influential voice on issues of transportation and climate change. This is another must-read report."
      -- Dan Sperling, Director, Institute of Transportation Studies, University of California, Davis

"Growing Wealthier cuts to the chase by defining the benefits of smart growth in dollars and cents. This is long overdue and provides the framework for problem solving in a language everyone understands."
      -- John Inglish, CEO Utah Transit Authority

"Growing Wealthier will help equip communities to thrive in the emerging real estate market demanded by the knowledge economy."
      -- Christopher Leinberger, real estate developer and author of The Option of Urbanism

"Kooshian and Winkelman make a clear and convincing case that as we develop our communities, doing the right thing for the climate can do the right thing for the economy."
      -- Mike McKeever, Executive Director, Sacramento Area Council of Governments

"A crucial and timely contribution to the literature, Growing Wealthier shows that the game is changing. It will motivate the hesitant, inspire the willing and bolster the efforts of those already enjoying the economic benefits of smart growth."
      -- Reid Ewing, Professor of City and Metropolitan Planning, University of Utah

"Growing Wealthier continues filling the knowledge gap on the ‘third leg’ and identifies the important smart growth principles that will be necessary to address greenhouse gas emissions in the transportation sector while improving economic activity."
      -- John J. Viera, Director, Sustainability & Environmental Policy, Ford Motor Company

"Growing Wealthier sheds important light on how smart growth policies can enhance prosperity and quality of life while reducing greenhouse gas emissions."
      -- Mary Nichols, Chairman, California Air Resources Board

"Growing Wealthier explodes the myth that more ‘miles driven’ means more wealth. More driving not only makes us more unfit, obese, depressed and at risk of injury, it can make us poorer. CCAP shows that growing smarter is healthier, wealthier and wiser."
      -- Richard Jackson, Professor and Chair, Environmental Health Sciences, UCLA School of Public Health

"Growing Wealthier is a thorough and insightful work that provides a balanced review of the factors that contribute to creating livable, thriving communities with minimal impact on our natural and financial resources."
      -- Jerry Walters, Executive Vice-President and Chief Technical Officer, Fehr & Peers Transportation Consultants

"With pragmatic analysis and impressive attention to detail, Growing Wealthier shows us how strengthening communities to make it easier for people and businesses to reach each other and their daily needs can reduce economic waste and increase wealth."
      -- Kaid Benfield, Natural Resources Defense Council, Director, Sustainable Communities

"Growing Wealthier makes a strong case that good planning brings many benefits -- environmental protection can go hand in hand with economic growth. CCAP has articulated how urban planning has an important role in building more vibrant, cleaner, and more livable cities and communities."
      -- Marlon Boarnet, Professor of Planning, Policy, and Design and Economics, University of California, Irvine

"As usual, CCAP has written a provocative report, raising important questions about the role of urban development and growth patterns, not only on petroleum consumption and greenhouse gas emissions, but also on economic prosperity. Transportation is inextricably linked to energy use and economic growth, although the issues of causation remain contentious and in dispute, even among economists. CCAP’s Growing Wealthier will stimulate further discussion about this important subject and contribute to it."
      -- Emil Frankel , Director of Transportation Policy, Bipartisan Policy Center

"Whether you are a business owner trying to make money, a homeowner trying to save money, or a state government official trying to balance your budget in tough economic times, this book is for you. For centuries America was a nation of villages, towns, and urban neighborhoods. Growing Wealthier teaches us why a return to such traditional, compact development is in our economic best interest."
      -- Douglas Foy, President, Serrafix Corporation

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